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Exploring the Depths of Knowing vs. Thinking: What Sets Them Apart?

Let us explore the difference between Knowing and Thinking, and how they affect our decisions and actions. Knowing and thinking are not the same. Knowing comes from your Soul and thinking comes from your ego. Which one do you trust?

Knowing is a deep sense of intuition, wisdom, and clarity that transcends the rational mind. It is a feeling of alignment, harmony, and peace that guides us towards our true purpose and potential. Knowing is not based on external factors, opinions, or expectations. It is an inner voice that speaks from the depths of our soul.

Thinking, on the other hand, is a process of back and forth, over analysis, lack of logic, and reasoning that operates within the limits of the ego, in other words limited ego. Ego lacks the ability to make sense of the world, struggles with solving problems, and achieving goals. Thinking is influenced by other people’s beliefs, opinions, assumptions, and biases. It is mostly driven by fear, doubt, and insecurity.

When you think, you don't really use your own mind, rather your mind is using you. You just repeat what other people have told you, or what you have read somewhere. You don't question anything; you just accept it as true. You let your ego take over, and your ego is not very smart. Your ego is scared of everything, and it makes you doubt yourself and your abilities. Your ego can't see the big picture or find creative solutions. Your ego is just a bunch of limitations that you have produced for yourself. Thinking is not the same as knowing.

The big problem is that we often confuse thinking with knowing, and we let our ego override our soul. We think we know what is best for us, but we are actually following the dictates of our ego. We ignore our intuition, our inner guidance, and our true feelings. We end up living a life that is not authentic, fulfilling, or meaningful.

How can we tell the difference between knowing and thinking? How can we trust our soul more than our ego? Here are some tips to help you:

Pay attention to your body. Your body is a powerful instrument of intuition and knowing. When you know something, you feel it in your body as a sensation of expansion, warmth, lightness, or joy. When you think about something, you feel it in your head as a perception of contraction, coldness, heaviness, or anxiety.

Meditate regularly. Meditation is a practice of quieting the mind and connecting with the soul. It helps you to access your inner wisdom and clarity. Meditation also helps you to detach from your ego and its attachments, judgments, and fears. By meditating regularly, you can cultivate a state of awareness and presence that allows you to know rather than think.

Ask your SOUL questions. When you are faced with a decision or a dilemma, ask your soul questions that help you to tap into your knowing rather than you're thinking. For example: What does my soul say? What senses am I experiencing? What brings me joy? What aligns with my values? What serves my highest good?

Trust your soul. Ultimately, knowing and trusting your soul is the key to living a soulful life. You have all the answers within you. You don't need to seek validation, approval, or advice from anyone. You don't need to conform to social norms or expectations. You don't need to follow the crowd or the trends. You just need to be aware and follow your own truth and intuition.

Knowing and thinking are not the same! Knowing comes from your Soul and thinking comes from your ego. Which one do you trust? I hope this Awareness of the Week has inspired you to trust your soul more than your ego, and to live a life that reflects your true essence.

This is AWARENESS, the path your SOUL has chosen for you.



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