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The Power of Words

I want to share with you some insights about the power of words and how they reflect our thoughts. Words are not just sounds or symbols that we use to communicate, they are also expressions of our inner state of being. Words can reveal whether we are speaking from our ego or our soul, and whether we are being honest or deceptive.


The ego is the part of us that is attached to our identity, our opinions, our preferences, and our desires. The ego is often driven by fear, insecurity, pride, and greed. When we speak from the ego, we tend to use words that are self-centered, judgmental, defensive, or manipulative. We may exaggerate, lie, blame, or criticize others to make ourselves look better or to get what we want. We may also use words that are harsh, rude, or hurtful to others, without considering their feelings or perspectives.


The soul is the part of us that is connected to our essence, our purpose, our values, and our intuition. The soul is guided by love, compassion, wisdom, and peace. When we speak from the soul, we tend to use words that are sincere, respectful, supportive, or uplifting. We may share our feelings, thoughts, experiences, or insights with honesty and humility. We may also use words that are kind, gentle, or healing to others, acknowledging their emotions and viewpoints.


One way to distinguish between words coming from the ego or the soul is to pay attention to how they make us feel. Words coming from the ego usually create tension, anxiety, anger, or guilt in ourselves and others. Words coming from the soul usually create harmony, joy, gratitude, or inspiration in ourselves and others.


Another way to differentiate between words coming from the ego or the soul is to notice how they arise in our mind. Words coming from the ego usually come from thinking, analyzing, or rationalizing. Words coming from the soul usually come from listening, sensing, or intuiting. Sometimes, when we are not thinking about anything in particular, words may pop into our mind spontaneously. These words are often messages from our soul that can guide us or enlighten us.


I have experienced this many times when I'm hiking. Hiking is one of my favorite activities because it quiets my mind while connecting with nature. When my mind is quiet, words will come to me out of nowhere. They are not words that I have read or heard before; they are words that I have never thought of before. They are words that resonate with me deeply and that make sense to me intuitively. They are words that answer my questions and give me direction while energizing my soul.


For example, one day I was wondering what I should do with my life. I was “thinking” about different options and scenarios but none of them seemed satisfying or meaningful. Then suddenly a word popped into my mind: "write." It was clear and simple, and it felt right. I realized that writing was something that I genuinely enjoyed and had somewhat of a talent for. I decided to follow that word and pursue writing as a passion and a profession.


Words are powerful tools that can shape our reality and influence our destiny. Words can also reveal our thoughts and show us who we are and what we want. Words either come from our ego or our soul depending on how we use them. We should be aware of the source and the impact of our words and choose them wisely.


Words from the soul can inspire us to grow and change. The Pathway Sedona helps you tap into your inner power and create the life you want. This is a journey of awareness and transformation for everyone.



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